Unable to sync via jianguoyun due to too many requests

I use jianguoyun for storing my notes,and yesterday I tried to download all my notes by synchronising and failed due to Error:get info.json:Too many requests have been received recently.(ExceptionBlockedTemproralily)(503).And I have to wait for 6 hours to resync.Just a few minutes ago I tried again but still failed due to the same error.First time I set the max concurrent connections as 20, and this time I set 2.My sync directory has more than 750 files.I assume the max concurrent connections is too large or files are too many.But I failed twice and waited for another 6 hours.what else can I do?

  • The version is joplin for Desktop 2.8.8
  • syncing with jianguoyun
  • The operating system is Win10

Thank you!

Hello, Jianguoyun as provider is not supported. The problem is the WebDAV implementation from the provider.

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