Joplin 2.3.5 and Icedrive

Hi there,

it appears that nothing changed regarding Joplin and Icedrive sync by WebDAV.

It doesn't matter if one does create a folder for Joplin or not, the Error message stays the same: Unknown Error 2 (429) with the PUT command.

The login seems legit though
login config correct

Changed the connections to one but the error still prevails.

Now I wonder if someone found a way to sync the data to android by using the file system method instead of WebDAV. I somehow can't make head or tails out of the icedrive android client and it's "offline files feature".

Between PCs that's not a problem, because Linux or Windows sync works while using file system option.

As a side note: WebDAV works fine over a Nextcloud account, but that would be the third cloud and therefore a bit too much to my liking.

funfact: SyncTrazor would work while I stay on one network, but I would like to use Joplin "in the wild" on android tablets or smartphones as well

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The http error 429 means too many requests.
Possibly it helps to reduce the Max concurrent connections under Options > Syncronisation > Show Advanced Settings

Already tried to limit to one connection and increase the sync time. The second change was made because I know that the icedrive client doesn't like to many changes of one file within 5 minutes.
It would be easy if the android client wasn't throwing everything unorganized into the general download folder.

As for the error. Joplin tries to generate the locks and temp folder but fails to aquire the exclusive lock somehow in between. Meaning that the locks folder is created, but that exclusive part seems to be the problem.

2021-08-21 14:04:35: Synchronizer: "Sync target is new - setting it up..."
2021-08-21 14:04:35: "MigrationHandler: Sync target version is 0 or 1 - creating "locks" and "temp" directory:", "{"version":0}"
2021-08-21 14:04:35: "MigrationHandler: Acquiring exclusive lock"
2021-08-21 14:04:56: Synchronizer: "Error: PUT locks/exclusive_desktop_55645fb719d44b0496d199f88439dac4.json: Unknown error 2 (429): 
Code: 429

429 Too Many Requests (RFC 6585)

If it's your own server, you need to tweak it to allow more requests. If it's not, it cannot be used for Joplin.

Well, it looks like it. I mean the folders are both created but not a single file has been transmitted to these folders.

When I set Joplin from WebDAV to file system, all files are transfered within a minute (even though it's a lot of small files for 90 notes). The problem is, that android and file system only works when the sync is in both ways. The icedrive client as of yet only has a one way download.

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