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Cannot Login to Joplin Cloud

Hi -- I am unable to login to Joplin cloud. I created a Joplin cloud account around 7 days ago. I synced all my devices and the synchronize has been working up until now. Today, I started noticing the sync erroring out with the error message: "Error: Too many login attempts. Please try again in xx seconds." Where xx ranges from 10 to 30 seconds. Attached is a truncated version of log file (redacted personal info).

2021_09_13_joplin_logs.txt (28.1 KB)

Joplin: 2.3.5 (prod, win32)
OS: Windows 10
Build: 19043.1165

I tried logging into the Joplin Cloud via web browser and am getting a 504 Gateway timeout. See screen shoot.

I signed up a couple days ago, never been able to successfully sync one of my machines. Seeing the same error, too many logins.

The login page at Joplin Cloud - Login never comes up.

I'm seeing the same behavior. I had noticed an inability to sync my Android tablet to the Joplin Cloud server earlier in the evening with the same gateway time-out message. I had just put it down to a quirk of the new Android client release. Attempting to log in to my Joplin Cloud account just now however resulted in the "too many login attempts" error message.

Hi everyone, apologies for the disruption. There was an issue connecting to the database which is sorted out now, and I'll be investigating what was the exact reason so that it doesn't happen again. If you notice any other issue, feel free to post here.

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Was just coming to report some of those "too many logins" errors over the past few days on different devices. Glad it was already sorted by the time I got here. Otherwise Joplin cloud has been running smooth for me.

This is back today, it isn't solved: "Too many login attempts. Please try again in XX seconds.".

I am on my trial and wanted to purchase access for a year but this is making me think twice, since only a few days in and I can no longer sync any of my devices.

Also not being able to find actual support numbers, emails, chat services etc but instead being directed to the forum for paid-customer issues!? Not a good look at all.

Yes same for me :thinking:

Yeah I just got the too many login errors again too.

@pghpete I don't think you can expect support numbers from many small companies these days. It's hardly feasible especially in an international market. And the bonus of posting issues to the forum is, like this thread, you can find out that other people are having the issue, that it is known, and that someone is working on it.

Also, in my previous experience with this particular issue it would often work to just come back and resync a little later. For instance I just got the error, but then a minute or two later my phone synced correctly again.

Numbers ok. No one has them these days. However, having no way to open a ticket, chat with someone, email someone, get any support and being directed to a public forum? In my opinion, this isn't acceptable for a paid-for product or service.

I think you are mistaking this for a large scale enterprise operation. Have a read of the "production ready" announcement post for Joplin Cloud and you might get more of an idea at the scale of the project.

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I would like to suggest something though... at least have a "Status" page... and indicate degraded service. Had that existed I wouldn't have bothered to post and just waited it out.

Because it hasn't happened before, the last few days, so far as I'm aware, have been the only real issues with it so far so there hasn't really been much need for a status dashboard and details of the issues are being publicly posted here.
Maybe a sticky in a Support>Joplin Cloud discourse category could work if known problems are discovered.

I do not buy into the "this is to small to offer support of any kind" regardless of size. I mean even a git style issues page for paid customers would be better than a public forum, again, in my opinion.

However, I understand it is small and I know it is growing and that is why I would rather put my money into them than businesses like Google or Dropbox.

Do folks not agree that a simple status page, or post indicating degraded service or some issue would be better than nothing? It would likely keep most of us from starting threads. Personally, I would just wait it out and at least have the knowledge that the issue wasn't on my end.

Another question, I have my system set to default sync times. Would it help the joplin cloud service if I increased this time? Take load, however small, off of the services?

Maybe, feedback is always going to be helpful, the service has literally only been live for a couple of weeks outside of beta, Laurent probably had no idea how popular this would or wouldn't be so there just isn't any fancy enterprise level support infrastructure in place.
Other services also indicate that the first port of call should be to look at the forums for any issues to see if people are having the same problem rather than going straight to creating a ticket. Its pretty standard practice as far as I'm aware.

I disagree about a private forum for the issues though, the codebase of Joplin Server and Joplin Cloud is the same so any issues discovered should be public to allow people running Server to contribute and/or get fixes stemming from discovered issues.

It isn't like Laurent is inactive or inattentive to the forums and usually looks at these kinds of things pretty quickly.

Thanks for the clarification Daeraxa. I had no idea it was as young as it was. :slight_smile: I've been self-hosted for quite a while before this.

That brings up another thought... What about a way to donate or buy into a higher personal tier while this is going on or is in its infancy? Like protonmail did it with alpha/beta and early adopters? I would gladly kick in some additional money to help the cause. Perhaps a donate option would be beneficial.

Outside of donations, is there any way (and perhaps I'm unaware of what is already out there), that people may be able to contribute in other ways?

That would be one for Laurent - there are obviously already a couple of tiers to pick from but only the Business tier currently has priority support.
Part of the reason for Cloud in its current form is that it allows you to support Joplin as well as getting something in return rather than via Patreon or one off donations.

@pghpete here you go: Support Joplin development | Joplin

Thank you!