Generating too many connections to NextCloud server

I'm having problems syncing Joplin notes to NextCloud server ( When Joplin starts syncing and fetching remote items, it proceeds normally for ~200 items before I get a "TIMEOUT ERROR". Cloudamo Support has told me that its firewall has blocked me because of excessive connections -- sometimes as many as 219 in a short period. Is there a bug in Joplin? Is Joplin somehow generating a separate connection for every note that it's trying to fetch? This is making Joplin unusable for me if I can't reliably sync.

I'm using Windows 10 and Joplin 1.5.14 (prod, win32), Sync Version: 2, Profile Version: 34, Revision: 9e076bf19 (master).


Joplin creates a WebDAV connection per file. However, only X number are done in parallel depending on what you set in your settings:


I'm very sorry, but this is a problem with your Nextcloud provider. Joplin syncs reliably.

Cloudamo apparently does not understand how WebDAV works and what the limitations are when it comes to sync operations.

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Maybe related to this pull request?

I don't understand the connection between this PR and my issue, because I'm trying to sync using a Windows 10 machine. If it's something on the cloud side (which I suppose is some sort of Linux system), I don't know or have much control over the way Cloudamo operates -- not a lot of settings for me to adjust on my end, other than as tessus suggests the max number of connections.

Thanks for your reply.

I was aware of the max concurrent connections setting. As I wrote, the number of connections that Cloudamo Support has said that I have attempted is ~220 in a very short period -- but even in the worst case, I'm only using four devices and the max connections is no more than five (which I think is the default). So even if each device counted them independently, my expectation was that there would be no more than ~20 connections. Not all the devices were even set to sync -- trying to troubleshoot this problem, I had disabled sync on at least one of mobile devices and had exited Joplin on a desktop.

Thanks for clarifying that WebDAV creates a connection per file (and that it doesn't for instance stream multiple files serially over a single connection). Others seemed to have Joplin syncing over NextCloud, and Cloudamo was recommended when I set up NextCloud.

Thank you for your response.

Yes, I'm using Nextcloud without issues. It is a problem with Cloudamo.

As soon as they start limiting the number of concurrent connections or ratelimit the number of total connections they are useless as a provider. Tell them to deactivate this crap for your account.

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