Sync problem with webdav

I’ve got 600+ notes from my EVERNOTE and trying to use webdav to sync to my ios and android devices. The cloud service I use (Jianguoyun) has a request frequency limit (1200/half hour). I though it was fine, but later I found that the ios cannot sync my latest created notes, then I realize that it never completed the sync. The problem is that the sync on ios would always try to go through every file in the cloud service and exceed the frequency limit at about 500th item. So it never complete the sync task.

Anyone know how to deal with problem? I think at the normal condition(when Joplin complete the initial sync), Joplin would not act so stupid, so what can I actually do to help Joplin ios to compete the first stage, or is this unsolvable?

Joplin needs to access each note on the server to see when it was last updated and decide whether it needs syncing or not.

So it seems like a unsolvable problem with the cloud service with frequency limit?

It seems like it. You are not the only one who has experienced this problem...

You could try to set the number of simultaneous downloads to 1, and attachment download mode to “auto”. Both of these would reduce the number of requests, but not sure if it will keep you below the limit.

This jianguoyun service seems quite popular, yet many users report problems with it. Any reason why you picked this one in particular?

Well, most of the mainland china cloud service provider don’t support WebDav except jianguoyun, other cloud provider like Dropbox are not accessible in mainland China. Personally there is also OneDrive as alternative, however, OneDrive’s limit on request length is even more vexing.