Typewriter mode

There was a topic about this, but it was auto-closed. I'm new to the app and getting used to it, but there's one feature I still miss from Typora. That is the ability to fix the line that I'm writing in the center of the app window, it is called "typewriter mode". I suppose it's not so cumbersome to implement and it is quite enjoyable. Hope you find my request interesting. Greetings!


This is unlikely to be picked up in the core application, but it's a great idea for a plugin! If you have the means to attempt it I think you'll find the Joplin plugin interface is quite easy to use. If not I suggest you add this to the list of suggested plugins. Occasionally devs will search through there looking for a good idea to implement.

I vote for !

Wouldn't this be something that could be done just using an external editor?

No because you lose the benefit of plugins.


I was using Typora as an external editor, but that approach has many drawbacks, such as adding images from Typora, differences in the markdown rendering, lack of Joplin plugins, etc. So I discarded Typora and embrace the Joplin editor. I customized it via css and now I really like it, but I miss that feature and I thought that it would be cool to have that addition. It really improve the writing experience imo.


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