Embedded Typora inside Joplin

Amazing product!!! Thank you so much for doing this.

I do not write in markdown format normally, I use WYSIWYG editors. I looked through the comments and I also see many other have been requesting a spell checker be added to the editor as well. I saw replies from the dev-team who indicated that this would be a very hard thing to implement and probably not a good use of their time.

Can you embed Typora inside the Joplin product and make it the default editor? Then if someone wanted to write in markdown, they could and if others want to use WYSIWYG, they could as well. This would eliminate the need to display two display panes, MD and graphical. In addition, spelling check is already included.

I can choose to edit in an external editor, but then I have yet another window open.

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Typora is a separate product and as far as I know it will not be free as soon as the beta is over. There’s no way to integrate it with any other product. Also, it is not open source, so that would be a definite no-go.

However, there are feature requests open for a WYSIWYG editor.