Trying to find the largest resources


I have too many resources bigger than 10 MB and Joplin is crashing on mobile. Encryption is enabled.

Now, I would like to go through the problematic resources, remove from Joplin and save to my Nextcloud files. However, I cannot open them straight from the Joplin/Resources folder as they are encrypted.

Is there any way of listing/finding the notes with the biggest resources on desktop? If not, I guess I’ll have to decrypt in order to get forward with this? Takes for so, so long, unfortunately.

P.S. I have been waiting for the partial sync of resources -feature for the mobile app . When implemented, I wish one could see the size of a resource before opening/downloading it. Hence, I could find my big problematic resources one by one in time.

you can find the biggest files with the “find” linux command and then with the file name (corresponding to the resource ID) ; spot the note which contains that resources by copying the resource ID in the search field. This will display the note containing that resources

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The listnotes script from the Joplin Tools can list resources including size.
It can also remove unused resources.

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