Question about attachments larger than 10 mb


I tried many markdown editors and I really love Joplin, but I cannot attach a file larger than 10 mb even though I don't use synchronising feature in Joplin (at least not on mobile). It seems unfair :slight_smile: Is it possible to change it? For example block attachments larger than 10 mb only for users who uses synch with mobile?

That would be great.

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If you don’t use sync, why not link to local files directly? You can do so using the file:// protocol, for example like this:

[My file](file:///path/to/file.doc)

Changing over from OneNote this attachment issue was almost a dealbreaker for me. I had grown accustomed to using my digital notebooks on all platforms both as content management and notetaking systems. OneNote’s deep integration with relatively cheap consumer cloud, OneDrive, made this easy and giving up the system was quite hard, respectively.

However, being open source, integration with Nextcloud, privacy with e2ee, platform independency and easy import-export all tilted the balance in Joplin’s favour eventually. With the Projects coming with Nextcloud 16 I no longer miss the collaboration features in OneNote, either. Maybe sharing a notebook with family members is still something I would like to see in Joplin in the future.

When changing over I had 80 plus attachments bigger than 10 MB, mostly pictures. I now go through them one by one, reduce the size and attach them again. Phew, its a lot of work, but I think it’s worth it.

All my bigger attachments I save to Nextcloud in one specific folder and attach a link with a file name in a note. Goes quickly both on desktop and mobile while the file name by the link makes the process relatively future proof, as well.

Maybe there could be a pop-up kindly advicing a user to attach a big file with a link?

Work is flowing, again. Thanks, Laurent and co.!

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Blockquote If you don’t use sync, why not link to local files directly?

I mean I could do it, but what I really like about Joplin is whatever I drag&drop into a note it automatically makes a copy in “resources” folder. It saves my time and I prefer to have it all in one folder with a path to a file that won’t ever change. with [My file](file:///path/to/file.doc) if I ever change location of a folder I would have to update a lot of paths

Anyway, thank you Laurent for great work!

@laurent perhaps instead of blocking attachments larger than 10MB joplin could just drop a local link? Is that possible?

Yes I guess that would work. Although we’d need to display a warning to make it clear that the resource won’t be synced.

You could save them in a path next to Joplin's profile, then the file links would be [My file](../my_files/file.doc). And if you ever move the Joplin profile you just need to make sure you move "my_files" too.

What is the current status of the investigation into the 10MB limit? Is this an upstream issue? If yes, any chance we can bug someone to fix this?
I don’t want to add large attachments, but I do understand the problem when having the need to attach a larger file occasionally.

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We need to wait for react-native-fetch-blob to fix the issue. Unfortunately the original maintainer disappeared, then the module was taken over by a company, and last time I checked they aren’t doing anything either.

Alternative modules I’ve tried also don’t work.

I’ve put a summary of what the issue is and what’s needed some times ago on GitHub.

And yes it seems the project is still dead unfortunately. Perhaps it’s time again to review other existing modules to see if there’s something more reliable out there.

It’s strange that there’s nothing out there that works.