I've reached my JoplinCloud limit of 10GB - how can I prune large messages?

Most of the content was imported from EverNote that had a display showing note characteristics (size, tags, URL, etc.) I could sort this display and delete notes that I no longer wanted.

How can I get a sorted list of Joplin notes and their sizes so I can delete some very large ones?

I could figure out how to do this with SQLite but it would be nice to do from a Joplin interface. Will deleting the note body from the Notes table be sufficient? Will it automatically delete the note from the JoplinCloud?

Android Joplin 2.3.4 Database v39,
Windows Joplin 2.3.5
Linux Joplin 2.3.5

It turns out that most of the space (9GB+) is in the resources folder (on Windows). If I winnow this down will the same resources be removed from the cloud version (and then also to the Linux and Android versions)?

In Tools > Attachments you can see the list of resources and sort them by size, and delete those you might no longer need.

Thanks. I guess I should have explored the menus a bit more.

Given I have probably 100's of oversized attachments and each Delete takes a few seconds followed by several seconds to refresh the list of attachments, would it be possible to get a checkbox next to each item and delete those?

Thanks for the speedy response and great work!

I've tried deleting around 200MB of resources. Should get me under the limit but getting message:
Last error: Error: Uploading content is disabled.

Still not sure when the cloud and the local copies are synched and size limits/calculations are performed.

Hello, could you send me your Joplin Cloud email in PM so that I can check?

Ok I found your account and enabled upload again, so please give it another try.

There's a bug in the logic as it should allow you to upload data so as to fix the issue, but somehow it is not working at the moment. I'll look into it.

Hi, I think I got a similar problem with my account. I exceeded my capacity while importing a ENEX file from Evernote, now sync fails with Last error: Error: Uploading content is disabled.
I tried to fix it by deleting notes to get below my limit, but I can't get it to sync. I would be grateful for any help.

Sorry about that, the next release should allow you to do that, but in the meantime please send me your email by PM so that I can unblock the account.

No problem, thanks for the help! Sadly I can't figure out how to write a private message, neither from here, your user page, or my messages tab. Could you write me first that I can reply to you?

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