[Android] App crashes while syncing and decrypting

Hi all,

I’m using Joplin on Windows 10 with 470 notes from Evernote. Encryption is on. I’m syncing through Nexcloud (WebDav) but the android app keeps crashing while decrypting the notes, so basically it never finishes the import.

Any suggestions?


Hi Blisterine, do you have any large resource (around 10MB or more) on Nextcloud? What’s the largest one?


yes, I’ve just checked inside .resource and the top 2 biggest files are 45 mb and 24 mb respectivly.

Currently the mobile applications do not work with files over 10MB. Normally the app prevents importing such files but it can still happen when importing via Evernote. The solution would be to delete these two files and the corresponding .md files on Nextcloud. So for example, if you delete the file /.resource/abcd1234, also detete /abcd1234.md

I have attachments up to 40 MB. Imported from Evernote. Mobile client works for now.

It seems fixing this size limit is quite understandably not going to happen soon. I suggest dowloading on demand will be looked at, at first, as a temporary fix. Would help in my case, at least, for I could usually switch to desktop to work on those bigger files.

Plus, even some of the big players like OneNote, haven´t enabled on demand, at least not on Android. :slightly_smiling_face: .

It worked, thanks. This shouldn’t be able to happen though, in my opinion.

Also, I’ll have a look around here but the WebClipper stopped working as well, as it can’t find the service.

EDIT: the webclipper service was not enabled from the desktop app because I had to reset Joplin a few times and I forgot to turn ti back on. All working now.



i do have exactly the same issue. i am happy to know that there is a fix for it. since i have roughly 8 files of this size (imported from evernote) i would like to know what files i delete prior deleting. since it’s encrypted i cannot see it when downloading the files… how can i achieve this?


I concur with Kore. Is there a way to know what I am deleting before I do so? I have 25 notes over 10MB and don’t want to randomly delete them.

Thank you.

So I am guessing there is no way to do it?

You shouldn’t need to delete them anymore. On mobile they just won’t be downloaded.