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Shortcuts Overview

Joplin seems to miss a real overview of all available shortcuts, so I tried to put hopefully most of them together. I know Joplin also shows shortcuts in the menus, but there’re still many hidden shortcuts and functionalities one does only come across by accident >_<

Basic Tasks

action shortcut
new note ctrl + n
new todo ctrl + t
insert 09/03/2019 16:20 ctrl + shift + t
search in current note* ctrl + f
search in all notes* f6
goto anything ctrl + g
open in external (default text) editor ctrl + e
synchronise ctrl + s
close joplin ctrl + q


  • word1 word2: marks all words listed
  • wor*: marks all words beginning with ‘wor’
  • "word1 word2": marks all strings with this character order

*uppercase / lowercase irrelevant

Font Formating

action shortcut
bold ctrl + b
italic ctrl + i
code -
comment <!----> select text, ctrl + #
{[("‘brackets etc. around selected text’")]} select text and type ", (, [ or {

Paragraph Editing

action shortcut
indent / dedent paragraph tab
shift + tab
move paragraph / table cell up / down alt + arrow up / down
duplicate paragraphs under each other alt + shift + up / down
write at multiple positions at once hold ctrl + alt, select lines
switch between same string as selection ctrl + k
delete line from cursor position to the end alt + del
delete word from cursor position to the end ctrl + del


action shortcut
goto title ctrl + shift + n
goto notebook sidebar ctrl + shift + s, arrow keys up and down
goto note list ctrl + shift + l, arrow keys up and down
goto note body ctrl + shift + b
goto options ctrl + ‘,’
toogle section under heading f2
toggle sidebar f10
toggle layout ctrl + l
vertical scrolling shift + mousewheel

Thank you for the summary. Btw, the shortcuts that are not in the menu are the default ACE editor shortuts.

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This is awesome! Thank you @areotwister.

One question: f10 didn’t work for me to toggle the sidebar (where I assume f is the fn key). I’m on a Mac, perhaps there’s a platform difference?

Beyond that, what do you guys think of (a) adding a list of shortcuts into the app for easy reference and (b) making them configurable/customizable?

It’s the actual F10 key, which I think on macOS would be the Fn key + F10.

We could indeed add @aerioeus’s list in the app, maybe under the Help menu. Making shortcuts configurable is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while but haven’t got around it yet.

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Yes, on macOS it’s actually cmd+opt+s. I tried to replace all F- keys, because using F- keys on a Mac sucks.