To the Founder of this Incredible Program & App - Plus Those Working Hard On It! - Please Read!

This message for the Founder of this absolutely INCREDIBLE Windows Program & Android App and all of these that have worked extremely hard to make both possible. I just discovered this today and I am so very glad and enthused that I did. I have been searching for something like this for quite some time and this fits my needs almost perfectly. I would have still been searching had I not found this! I wanted to send out a major THANK YOU to the original creator and all of those that have been working endlessly to make this the absolutely best Program and Mobile App available out there, I was unable to find another one that even came ANYWHERE CLOSE! Kudos and Congrats on the EXTRAORDINARY WORK you’ve put into this. I cannot wait to see what excellent features and improvements come to it in the very near future. Once thing I would love to see added is either TinyMCE or CKEditor or something similar added so we can change the Text, Font Colors and the Colors in the Navigation Barbut other than that, to me it is PERFECT to a T for now and for my needs!

I will also be posting some other things, like Feature Requets ( if not requested already) later on and I hope they are taken into consideration at minimum. With just a couple additional features, there are definitely no other similar Programs or Apps out there that are better or can even stand up to the quality of this one and it;s very unlikely they will. I will also be doing my part by making a Donation. Where should I make my Donation for the production and improvement of this?


Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated!

TinyMCE is already used for the WYSIWYG editor currently being developed, although I don’t know if it will be possible to change the text colour, since this is not supported by Markdown.

Where should I make my Donation for the production and improvement of this?

For donation info, please check