Editing issue

I think spending your time working on a new design is a little wasteful at the moment. I think you should be concentrating on making the program work properly fist.
I was overjoyed when I heard about Joplin - 'I can finally stop paying Evernote their fees!' I thought.
It was a different story after I imported my voluminous Evernote notes and tried to edit /update etc.
Editing is a nightmare. I soon realised that using the 'experiental WYSIWYG editor' was hopeless, but I thought I can live with using the the markup (code view) section but no... even that is fraught with peril and is (in my opinion) unusable.

  1. when switching to 'code view' it's pot luck where I end up. It is rarely at the same place as I am in 'layout' view (or whatever the WYSIWYG section is called)
  2. when entering URLs or server paths or internet addresses I usually end up with unreadable gobbledygook
  3. adding blank lines is a no-deal. I just end up putting dashes (which end up as dots) to make a carriage return.

Anyway... Can we expect a functionality update soon or are these issues peculiar to me and my computers? I'm on the verge of switching back to Evernote the way it is currently, more's the pity. :frowning:
Also... will coloured text be an option in further incarnations?


Regards, martybartfast

@martybartfast honestly it seems like Joplin just might not be the right tool for you. Joplin is markdown note taking application not a free Evernote clone.
I would suggest you read up on markdown and decide if it’s right for you (it’s an excellent format for notes in my opinion). Or come back in a few months when the WYSIWYG becomes a little more mature.

And to answer your question about colors. It’s already possible if you’re willing to use a bit of html. It will not be possible otherwise.