Thank you

Just wanted to say thank you to the developers of Joplin, including plugins. I was looking for an Evernote replacement and finally found it in Joplin (after trying Notion, OneNote, Simplenote, and Google Keep). Actually, I was quite happy with Evernote Legacy (free account) in terms of features because I use it almost exclusively to write notes, but Joplin allows me to sync my three devices, so that won me over. Importing from Evernote worked perfectly, syncing is working perfectly through Dropbox, web clipper works on my browser of choice Opera, Bangla and Korean fonts work perfectly, and I've actually enjoyed learning markdown. And with the Note Tabs plugin, I can simulate having shortcuts as tabs across the top of the page. I think the only Evernote Legacy feature I wish Joplin had is Clip Screenshot.

Anyway, thank you for a great app.


Do you know about the favorites plugin? It works well with the tab plugin.

I don't know how the evernote screen shot worked, but if you take a screenshot (and whatever method you use saves it to the clipboard) you can just ctrl+v paste it into a note. eazy peazy.

Also don't miss the web clipper browser extension.

And +1 on the thanks to the devs!

Thanks for the tip about the favorites plugin. I've added it and will figure out a good way to make use of it and the tabs plugin.

In EN, I could use Control+Alt+S as a universal keyboard shortcut to bring up a screenshot sizer, and as soon as I finished selecting an area, it'd show up in a new note. So just a little more elegant/speedy than in Joplin, though the end result is the same.

I'm not a big user of the web clipper, but when I find a reference article I'd like to keep (e.g. the best burger in each state), it's handy.