Time to fix "Some items cannot be synchronised"

Dear developers,

First, thank you for the outstanding work you're doing for the grateful Joplin community!

I've noticed many complaints on this forum regarding issues with large item synchronization on the mobile app. Although there are some workarounds, they don't seem to fully address the problem, if address at all.

I think many of us, mere users and your grateful community, acknowledge that there's ample room for development and improvement. Perhaps you haven’t prioritized these issues due to other considerations.

However, I want to draw your attention to a specific concern: the large, orange banner that states, "Some items cannot be synchronized," which permanently clutters the app space.

This notification is particularly annoying as it cannot be dismissed.

Could you please prioritize resolving this issue?

Thank you for considering this feedback.


The Joplin 3.0 pre-release adds an ignore button for some types of synchronization errors:

At present, there is still no ignore button for decryption errors.

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I have no devices in sync by now, only desktop version, but I have been seeing that message since latest update. It's annoying and I'm worry as I don't know if I'm losing content and what or where it is located, and I have several notes to be checking what it is.
I hope the dev team check this and prioritize/consider options to fix it, and help us with tools to visualize what and where its happening.

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