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My Joplin notebook has some notes with large resources (>100MB) which I attached using the desktop client. I have the iOS client set to sync via Dropbox. I have previously had the message "Some items cannot be synchronised. Press for more info." in an orange banner. I'm OK with these items not being synced. I don't need them on iOS. I'm happy for them only to exist in the desktop client. Previously, the orange banner has gone away after reviewing the items, or restarting the iOS client.

However, recently, the banner has persisted. I cannot make it disappear, so it's a continuous annoyance, occupying available screen space.

I can think of two solutions:

  1. Hide the banner.

  2. Remove the large resources.

I'd be interested in a way to achieve #1, but since I couldn't find such a way, I started looking into #2. I removed one of the large resources (by deleting the link to it). However, it seems like this isn't enough, as the resource is still available in the historical version of the note. My understanding is that deletion of orphaned resources is tied to note history, i.e. when a historical version of a note expires, the resource will become orphaned only at that point, and thus only removed from Joplin at that point. Is this correct? I really don't want to lose the old versions of my notes. I'm OK with the link to the resource being broken in the old versions.

Is there anything else I can do?

UPDATE: I have found the "Note attachments..." tool in the Options menu in the desktop client. I have used this to delete all the attachments over 100MB. After hitting sync on both desktop and iOS clients, I'm still getting the orange banner message on iOS, still referring to the same set of resources which are now definitely deleted from the desktop client (they are no longer in the ~/.config/joplin-desktop/resources/ folder or the Dropbox sync target folder Apps/Joplin/.resource/).

The orange banner persists after a device restart, and the "Retry" and "Retry All" buttons don't do anything.

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I'm linking to another post that references a similar issue:

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