Thumbnail view

Many of my notes are sketches, photos or design references, so it would be super useful to have a thumbnail view option. I’d like to use Joplin like local pinterest, and it would be helpful to have visual reference even for articles.
For example, if a note contains any image, a first image (lets say, bigger than 200x200px or so) could become a thumbnail. If there is no image, just a title / first lines of text could be enlarged.


This is how Evernote does it. I’d also like this option. Would make Joplin much more “colorful”. And for my notes this would also make things easier.


For what it’s worth, I’d really like this feature too!

Please consider adding something like this.
This is the single greatest barrier preventing switching completely from Evernote or Notion to a Joplin/Keep setup.


I would also fully appreciate this feature. For me this is useful (in Evernote) to find easily and quickly the notes I am looking for, just by recognizing the corresponding image.


+1 for team thumbnail view.
Coming from Tumblr, I really miss the archive view with has a similar thumbnail/pinterest-like experience. It makes browsing past entries a wonderful experience especially if your notebooks happen to be image-centric or headline-centric.

+1 for thumbnails (in list view) - would be so much better to identify notes quickly!!

+1 for thumbnails. My favorite feature from Evernote.

With a half-dozen notes, a person likely doesn't need thumbnails. With a few hundred notes and no idea of what the wanted note has for a title, the thumbnails would be invaluable. A search for some terms might easily turn up a few dozen notes and the thumbnail would make it much easier to identify the desired one.

This is what made Evernote great. Now that it has turned itself into something that is usually flushed down the toilet (see v10) there are millions looking for an alternative and if thumbnails were part of Joplin the choice would be simple.

Could some sort of plug-in do this?

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jack grubers note overview plugin can create a search type where the first 200 characters (or customizable) and the first picture (or customizable) can show up in the search result table. The plugin generates a page so it will also show up on linked devices without plugin support like android.


Tried it out and it's perfect for what I do. My stuff would be better in a database but I prefer the free-form type of note for storage. I can now say goodbye to Evernote. My two "Premium" accounts there won't be seeing much traffic from now on.

Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction.

I would love this option as well.

+1 for thumbnails, I really need this!