Thumbnails difficulty

I am considering moving to Jopin from EN, but the thumbnails feature of EN (in the Notes List) is very important to me. If a note contains an image, the Notes List view contains a thumbnail of the image. I have lots of notes that contain images. Anyway, I am also a software developer. I am expert in Java, less so with js and ts, but I'm sure I could handle it. My question is: how difficult do you think it would be to implement a simple thumbnail feature? The Notes List view would look at each note to see if there's an image, make a thumbnail of it, and show it on each item. I know this is a rather vague question, but I want to get a sense of whether I should bother trying. If it could be done in a week or so of hacking in my spare time (I have a full time job), that's probably worth trying. But if it is gonna take a month or more, I don't know... Oh, and I'm mostly talking about the Windows version of Joplin. Android too, but less important to me.

Thanks much,