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Hello, I would like to request a missing feature which has kept me from switching to Joplin for years now. Everything about Joplin is GREAT except it hasn't got the essential

Note preview.

I have thousand of notes that were never titled by Evernote. In Evernote that's no problem, in Joplin, it's a long list of nondescript Untitled Note. I think there must be more Evernote refugees who have the same problem
An alternative could be an auto-titling plugin that automatically titles Search and Replace style with the first six words in the note.

But I also think that in general, the note list looks rather bare and hard to interpret without preview. There are several leads on this forum that discuss this feature but they all seem to end up at a dead end.

Most humbly, would anyone please develop this. I've looked for this feature in Joplin for years And now Evernote is asking, in essence, 100 bucks for this feature... Which people keep repeating is simple enough but never seems to materialise. I don't know whether it is simple but I would be literally infinitely grateful.

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The notes list has already had an update to allow modification via the plugin API - see: joplin.views.noteList | Joplin Plugin API Documentation - which even shows examples of how it can be used:

As for the auto-titling you might like to have a look at this thread and specifically this post

Oh wow.... Thank you !!!!!!!!!! That looks exactly right.
Do you know how I would achieve the example effect? I need to use the API? would you be willing to point me towards where I could learn to do this? And/or explain how to do it? Thank you very much in advance!

The auto titler is also great! Thank you! Titles is better after all. If I could apply both these using Joplin would be infinitely better than Evernote!

The overview of the APIs is at Extending Joplin | Joplin whilst the actual full API docs are at joplin | Joplin Plugin API Documentation. Some links (including a demo example) can be found in the news post announcing the new note list classes- What's new in Joplin 2.13 | Joplin.

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The API creates the ability for developers to create note list plugins. No such plugins have been created yet, but I would guess that now that the ability to work with note lists is available, we will soon see a plugin(s) that take advantage of this.


I also tried the new plugin API, but i'm still not satisfied with my plugin ...


I think there are a few cues that should be taken from the default note list style such as the subtle coloured horizontal lines to delimit the items and a secondary colour to highlight the selected item.

Maybe the timestamps could be moved to the bottom of the cell rather than the second line in order to not disrupt the natural reading of the title/preview.

Plugin is ok but please always keep the option to turn "preview" off. I much prefer the simple and efficient note list of Joplin, which allows me to quickly find and click on a note without too much scrolling. I have descriptive note titles. It will be a disaster to scroll endlessly through the previews.

Funny Amplenote has this preview feature, which is the reason I don't use it. Many users request the option to hide them.

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This honestly already looks great to my eyes. What are you dissatisfied with? And how can I get your plugin? (Ha)

I have published it