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Hello. I have been using Joplin for almost over a month now. I do like the app a lot. I would like to make a suggestion which in my opinion will add to the app a lot.

A gallery view of the notes can be added to the app, as an esthetical improvement. This will be like a toggle view option and when it is switched it will show the first image or the chosen image to represent that note. If no image is added to the note, a preview of the note can be shown to compensate for it.

Here is an example:

What do you think? Is this feasible? Many thanks to all the contributors.

Quick note on the note exportability: I believe, please correct me if I am wrong, that this feature will not affect the exportability of the notes to Markdown format, and it will be a special thing that only works for Joplin.


Would be a plugin or template thing I guess?

Something similar can be achieved using Note overview plugin. It can also render images in the table and is automatically updated based on the used search query. Maybe check it out or did you gave anything more specific in mind that can not be achieved using mentioned plugin?

I assume you are after a joplin version of the gallery in something like the macOS notes app.

I would personally still prefer the notes list to offer a small overview instead, I think this is what Evernote had just moved to before I abandoned it.

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Oh I did not know it existed. I spent some time with it now. As you mentioned, it is very similar to what I have described.
While I do find image overview as a good solution, I think it takes away the joy of being able to scroll through images as it renders them in a table. The sense of smoothness is, unfortunately, not there. However, thanks a lot, it solves the problem for now

Yes that is what I was after. I used to use notion pretty heavily and thats where I got the idea from. To me, it looks very elegant and I was hoping for something similar. The advantage of notion was that you can choose the fields you want under the image in the gallery.
As in this example:

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