OneDrive vs Nextcloud

Am still just dabbling with Joplin, before fully committing, and everything is going well. Am pleased with the Markdown, IOS apps, web clipper and there is so much to learn from the forum that I almost need to limit the amount of time I spend here.

I have too many devices to use Dropbox for syncing and currently use OneDrive which seems fine but I am concerned about the 'known issues' - what are they, btw? Had a quick look at Nextcloud but have never used it before and it seemed slower although that may just have been the initial upload.

At this stage, I need to choose either OneDrive or Nextcloud and am looking for advice.


I have not used nextcloud, but I am using onedrive. They are all free tiers of joplin, and there have been some problems, such as

But for now, I still recommend onedrive, the reason is very simple, it has been used for a long enough time, although there have been problems, it can already be considered reliable. And onedrive is a product of Microsoft, and it may survive for quite a long time - this is not always the case for each nextcloud. Of course, you can also choose the paid joplin cloud, which may be faster than any plan in the free tier, and supports more advanced features, but it has been out of time too short, and there have been some problems recently, so just For now, I still don't recommend it.

Thanks for explaining, for the links and for your recommendations - I really appreciate your prompt response.

I think you can use Dropbox for syncing as well. If you are using the free tier of Dropbox the limit of 3 devices only applies to devices where you install the Dropbox app. So you have to install Dropbox on Windows, Andoid, iOS etc. To use Joplin you dont need to install the app. Joplin directly connects to your Dropbox-Account as an connected app, so the different Joplin clients are not part of the device limit.

I used OneDrive and Dropbox in the past, but I am using the Christmas holidays to switch over to Joplin Cloud to see if there is a speed improvement. OneDrive and Dropbox both work great (there are a annoying bug caused by Microsoft some month ago but its fixed). I wouldnt suggest a free Nextcloud because there have been many reports about problems. I dont think self-hosting Nextcloud is not worth it to save a few bucks, because it is time-consuming.

Thanks for confirming doubts about Nextcloud. I tried Dropbox initially but was unable to get all devices to authenticate and while I might be wrong I believed it was because I was trying to 'connect' more than 3 devices.
Thanks also for confirming the problem with OneDrive has been fixed - I am happy now to stay with OneDrive and explore Joplin further,

I had huge problems with a free nextcloud account but since I moved to a self hosted instance I've had no issues at all. However if you going to go to the effort of self hosting you might as well host joplin server - i've just been too lazy to do it yet.

I use nextcloud which is self hosted on a raspberrypi been running it for a year and a half 247 and never had an issue with Joplin or any other thing I use nextcloud for and slowly slowly I am starting to move away from google drive.

Beside for syncing Joplin notes the greatest feature from nextcloud loud I think i the instant upload of photos from all my phones, and tablets. I don’t use stuff like google photos and nextcloud is not as fully featured(with alot of ai gimmicks)but it’s all that I need I have all phones from all devices everywhere with all the storage I need ( I the bought raspberry pi and am using an 120gb old ssd for storage but the setup costs like €80 vs being tied to a subscription of 2tb which Iwill never fill)

Thanks for replying and while I am not interested in self-hosting just now I might look at it in the future so I am pleased it is better than the free accounts.

I too use Nextcloud self hosted on a Rasp Pi synced between several Windows systems & Android. I choose to use Joplin portable on each Windows device. No issues whatsoever syncing Joplin, though if I remember correctly the initial sync takes time, after that it takes only a few seconds to sync Joplin notes each time.

Thanks for confirming self-hosting works well. I may think about that in the future.

This is my first post - so greetings to everyone!

Joplin is a great software. I'm not a programmer, so I can contribute only modestly to the forum community.

I have been using OneDrive for synchronizing Joplin for several month now on five devices (3 x Win10, 2 x Android) without any problems. I hope this may help people making their decision on the cloud service.

Happy holidays!

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I personally use resilio sync, formerly bittorrent sync via the filsystem, and it's awesome. Since bittorrrent uses encrypted transfers I also don't need to worry about the extra step of encryption.

I've been using Dropbox for at least a year without any issues.

I wanted to use OneDrive so I wasn't limited by Dropbox free and the 3 device limit, but I have two OneDrive accounts. One from work and one personal. It looks like Joplin picks the first one and you can't (or, couldn't) change it. On my work computer Joplin would pick the work OneDrive and I didn't want the work OneDrive on my personal devices, so I used Dropbox. [ shrugs ] Turns out I didn't really need Joplin on more than 3 devices.

As a platform, I am using Nextcloud, but self hosted. I have found both Dropbox and OneDrive to be reliable services, but am trying to eliminate all of the little "islands" of data.

Thanks - I share your concern about the 'little islands of data' but I struggle to avoid them. I may consider self-hosting in the future but pandemic-permitting I'll be back to travelling for weeks at a time and I prefer to shutdown everything before going away.

I use Nextcloud and never had any problem with Joplin. It works fine. I trust the host, but it's true that Microsoft have more change to survive longer than my indy host :wink: But on the technical side, I haven't had problem with Joplin sync with Nextcloud.