How do I enter my master password in Joplin terminal?

Operating System: Manjaro ARM Linux
Desktop Joplin 2.5.12
Terminal Joplin 2.4.1

I moved my all notes to Dropbox after last incident and enabled e2ee on Joplin-desktop. After the encryption and synchronization was complete I synchronized in Joplin-mobile, it asked for my master password, after entering that it's syncing with Joplin-desktop without any issues. But when I try to sync in Joplin-terminal it shows the following error on the console

Probably I need to enter my master password in terminal but am not sure how to. I am afraid I'll mess things up.

From the documentation

e2ee <command> [path]

     Manages E2EE configuration. Commands are `enable`, `disable`, `decrypt`, `status`, `decrypt-file`
     and `target-status`.

     -p, --password <password>  Use this password as master password (For security reasons, it is not
                                recommended to use this option).
     -v, --verbose              More verbose output for the `target-status` command
     -o, --output <directory>   Output directory
     --retry-failed-items       Applies to `decrypt` command - retries decrypting items that previously

                                could not be decrypted.

This should display your sync info:

sqlite3 -line ~/.config/joplin/database.sqlite 'select value from settings where key="syncInfoCache"'

Can you see the master key a857 in there?


value = {
        "version": 3,
        "e2ee": {
                "value": true,
                "updatedTime": 1637400414055
        "activeMasterKeyId": {
                "value": "a857a981977e4ce49038ba3a8208e0e0",
                "updatedTime": 1637400414055
        "masterKeys": [
                        "checksum": "",
                        "encryption_method": 4,
                        "content": "{\"iv\":\"gc3sjg+Af5qm2VHfo+BDHw==\",\"v\":1,\"iter\":10000,\"ks\":256,\"ts\":64,\"mode\":\"ccm\",\"adata\":\"\",\"cipher\":\"aes\",\"salt\":\"rWPn8oTwQno=\",\"ct\":\"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\"}",
                        "created_time": 1637400413928,
                        "updated_time": 1637400413928,
                        "source_application": "net.cozic.joplin-desktop",
                        "id": "a857a981977e4ce49038ba3a8208e0e0"

Hmm, then I think it means the app doesn't have your master password. What happens if you run e2ee decrypt - does it ask for it then?

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