The URL in the upper right 'info' of the notes

This is the first time I get to know joplin, I am curious about the function of URL setting settled in the 'info' button on the upper right of the joplin window. What can I do with this URL? Is it used for note sharing or something else?

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there you can see the URL that was saved by WebClipper. But you can also enter any URL you want.

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Thanks for your reply! So this URL in the info is used for the reference of the note?

Yes its only info/metadata, which can be searched for sourceurl:"**".

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could you please explain what is the

how to use it?


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Got! Thanks!

Hello, I started to use Joplin a few weeks ago and already make heavy use of the URL field.

I find it useful for not having to include this metadata in the note itself or to prevent notes from popping up during search simply because they contain that URL without being a source from that webpage..

You could also put other type of links here, for example (mailto has the benefit of opening a new e-mail right away from Joplin, just use an asterix when seaching to ignore the mailto part: sourceurl:"*")

Once you start to feel more comfortable using Joplin and begin to extend its features with plug-ins I highly recommend JackGruber's Note overview. I use this all the time in combination with sourceurl search.

Good luck and have fun exploring!

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