An easier way to see URL of a note?

Hi, I often end up with notes that have a URL attached (either via web clipper or manually), but I see no (obvious) way to see if a note has a URL.

Is it possible to somehow see if a note has a URL without clicking on the note properties icon?

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@fstanis welcome to the forum.

I am not a dev just a user like yourself.

I see that this subject has come up before as there is no way of telling if there is a URL in the note properties without actually opening the note properties.

None of the above have resulted in any lengthy discussion and some also go further suggesting a clickable button is added to the interface. I must agree with you that a way of just knowing that there was a stored URL would be useful, even if it was just changing the note properties icon colour.

Ah, thank you! Really sorry, I should’ve searched for this more.

I think this’d be cool to add. Added a proposal here: Web clipper source URL - why hidden in note properties?

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Thanks to @dpoulton for pulling that answer together.

Is there still no possibility of doing this? Perhaps now in a plugin?

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