Web clipper source URL - why hidden in note properties?


I'm new on this forum but I've used Joplin for some months now and it's become part of my daily tools.
One thing I would really appreciate is quick availability of the source url grabbed via web clipper.
Having simplified or complete pages is great, but their source is not always obvious from the content itself, plus I do need sometimes to check updated pages.
But just to open that page, I need to find the "i" icon, click on it, then click on the url, then back to Joplin, click on OK or Cancel (to get rid of the "Note Properties" :slight_smile: ).

In my humble opinion, I would replace the "Content Properties" (showing more or less relevant numbers of characters etc) with direct link to the source URL, while the Content Properties numbers can easily go to the "Note Properties" - which in fact are very closely related.

Having the URL link as the last icon above the note will make it much simpler and improve Joplin, which is probably the best cross-browser bookmarking tool anyway.

Just my suggestion,
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Yes, I agree. Even back to the other note app I migrated from I took to cutting and pasting the source URL from my browser to the first line of the note body. I find it essential when I suspect a page may be updated or has links that may change within it.

Expect, that this was done because "source URL" isn't the main property. To be honest, I didn't know where this information stored :smile: so thanks for the pointing me :slight_smile: But the MOST part of notes (for me here and in other note-taking apps) has no "source URL" - and it would be strange to have "major" UI element for non-major property. Probably, it would be good to have such button under condition: if URL is set - to display button, but not in the common case.

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I fully agree that it’d be great to have the URL visible when viewing a note. Something like this perhaps:

For messages that have no URL set in properties, nothing would be shown.

Happy to send a PR to add this, seems relatively straightforward.

Update: #3322 adds this


So do I understand well that it’s “not possible”?
Even if not a link, but a button (after “Tags” button) or anything to reach the note source in one click?

Or even the web clipper could place the original url inside note, on top, as hyperlink (?)

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