Text formatting without visible Markdown syntax characters


Is there a way to "switch off" the visible markdown syntax characters for those who are not interested in markdown? Meaning, I want to use text formatting without seeing the markdown syntax while I create or edit the note. Just like it is done in One Note and Evernote. Buttons for easy formatting are already there in the editor, so personally I see the syntax characters creating a deviation from what the note should look like. To me, for now, the note looks more like a JSON and less like a document.
I prefer writing a note rather than programming a note.

There is a switch in the top right of the application to change from markdown mode to WYSIWYG mode. You want WYSIWYG mode (the pencil on paper looking icon)

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Thank you!
I am not able to see this icon on my Android app, which is where I started testing the app. So I guess you shared the solution for some other platform. I'll install the desktop app for Linux and check there as well.

Installed the AppImage and am able to see the option. I will wait for the Android app to get this feature, meanwhile I'll continue with the desktop version only.
Thank you again.