How to display a note without the formating text and change formatting toolbar menu

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Android 2.13.10 / Windows 2.13.11

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I am using Joplin, I have transferred my notes from Evernote.
It works well, I am using only basic text notes with text formatting like bold, underline, italic, highlight.

But on Android I have this display when I edit a note : Bold text will look like this
On Windows it the text is just bold (without text formatting), I would like to have the same on Andoid .

Also on Windows I cannot find a way to personalize the text formatting menu, in order to have the Bold, underline, italic (the underline is in a submenu for example)

On Android there is no underline option ? I cannot find it. How to personalize the menu in order to have the basic Bold, underline, italic, highlight ?

Also, on Android is it possible to edit a note just with touching the note anywhere instead of using the edit button on the bottom right ?


The Android editor works with Markdown, which doesn't use underline, but not Rich Text. This is why the Markdown toolbar has no underline option and bold text looks **like this** in the editor.

Workarounds for underlining text in Markdown exist, see here: Cannot seem to underling text

I'm not aware of any way to personalize the Rich Text toolbar.

Only tapping the edit button enters the editor view in Android.

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