External editor on Android

Hi, I started using Joplin recently and it’s amazing! The only thing it lacks for me is the ability to easily format text on Android, I know there is an WYSIWYG editor in the works for Android, but it’s unusable for me.

Is there any possibility to enable the use of an external markdown editor for Android, so we can easily format notes?

Thanks a lot to the devs for the hard work and great program!


Adding my vote here. This would be a very nice feature and I would also want the same on iPadOS where current editor is quite buggy in terms of text handling.

I think this is much more complicated compared to desktop due to how app permissions work on Android.

Well, I wasn’t aware of that issue. We’ll have to wait for the WYSIWYG editor to be ready on Android. I have no problem writing with markdown syntax on desktop, but on android it’s really uncomfortable.

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+1 for this. Default editor is fine except it gets really slow after writing a few lines in Bengali.