[android] Has someone created a joplin note containing all markdown code with samples?

Hello all,
sometime I don't remember the correct syntax to format the note text on android. So I need to browse the joplin website and find the markdown guide. It's a bit time consuming.
Has anyone created a joplin note (and would like to share it here) to import as cheatsheet?
I will create one by myself, but I'm not getting good results... but once I get good results I'll post it here.

All the basic markdown syntax is in the no.1 Welcome note you get when you first start Joplin:

## Writing notes in Markdown

Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax. Joplin supports a [Github-flavoured Markdown syntax](https://joplinapp.org/markdown/) with a few variations and additions.

In general, while Markdown is a markup language, it is meant to be human readable, even without being rendered. This is a simple example (you can see how it looks in the viewer panel):

* * *

# Heading

## Sub-heading

Paragraphs are separated by a blank line. Text attributes _italic_, **bold** and `monospace` are supported. You can create bullet lists:

* apples
* oranges
* pears

Or numbered lists:

1. wash
2. rinse
3. repeat

This is a [link](https://joplinapp.org) and, finally, below is a horizontal rule:

* * *

More for reference: Joplin Markdown Guide

Some markdown syntaxes are not enabled by default, you can enable them through the settings page.

  1. Go to Tools > Options > Markdown
  2. Enable what you need
  3. Click Ok and it will work immediately

Seems to me like going to the MD guide every time is something @antonio-slog wanted to avoid. :grin:

I'd suggest the easiest fix: just copy the contents of the MD guide into Joplin. :slightly_smiling_face:

The easiest way is to go to the Guide's source and just copy-paste it into a note:


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Nah. The easiest is just to use the joplin web clipper and clip a simplified page from the guide. I have a folder at the top of Joplin called -Immediate
It is for stuff I want to get to frequently and quickly. Put the newly created note in there.

Nope; that can't be done on mobile, is only viable if OP has already set up the web clipper, and even then only if you're sure the html simplifier won't garble the samples in any way.

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