Editing without Markdown

<!-- To report a bug, please let us know: - 1.0.179 - Windows/Linux/Android So this may have been answered, and maybe it's super obvious and I am just missing it. Is there a way to make text notes without using markdown? I just want to use regular text without all the markdown stuff that indicates bolds and italics. Is this something you can enable?

I don’t believe it can be disabled but you never have to use it. Joplin isn’t a simple text editor but as long as you type without adding images, links, etc, markdown shouldn’t appear at all in your notes

Just don’t use markdown formatting. Markdown is basically text. You can skip the formatting, like so: \*\*Hello** = **Hello**
Alternatively, add <pre> on top of your notes.

Or you could write all text in a code block (3 backticks as start and end) :

Your text here


How simple would it be to add a toggle in options=>plugins to disable the markdown-it module code for those that don’t want to use it at all?

ha, that’s an interesting question. markdown-it is the core of Joplin. It’s like ripping the engine or transmission out of a car.

I’m not quite sure what would happen to the preview. Maybe Laurent has an idea, but I doubt that he want to waste time on this. Joplin is a markdown note-taking app. I’m sorry to say, but in this case Joplin is not the right app for the OP.

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A car without a transmission still makes a great fort for children and man children like me. Bwahaha.

In all seriousness, i do agree that it probably isn’t the right app for OP but who are we to decide on that for them. Maybe a feature like this, if easily implemented with no real maintenance required to keep it functional, would be just enough for those that wouldn’t have touched Joplin otherwise to try it out. I literally found the app through a hacking forum post that was comparing the security of various multiplatform apps based on point of origin and testing capabilities due to level of transparency in the code. I wouldn’t have attempted it if i hadn’t read that post and it didn’t fit my unique cross platform needs.

I get that and if someone found an easy way to do that, maybe Laurent would be ok to add it. I’m just saying that there are more important things to tackle and with the GSoC and all we are quite busy already.

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I also definitely agree with that. I wasn’t thinking about that in this moment as i eat lunch. My core focus was a random idea that applied to the conversation and devouring my yummy thai food. I’m quite simple at times. Ha

If i ever decide to try to code again, I’ve got this idea pocketed for after GSoC.

If the point is to support plain text, I don’t think it’s related to markdown-it since it’s only used to render the preview (which would no longer be needed if we only need plain text).

You already can toggle to editor-only mode and you have your text there and no preview. Perhaps OP just want to disable syntax highlighting in the editor, which can be done with custom CSS.