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I'm joining the exodus from Evernote to Joplin but am having trouble understanding if I should use Rich Text Editor or Markdown. It seems if I import the Evernotes as html then all my formatting remaing in Joplin (ie, font colors, bold, etc); however then I have to edit notes on my Android using HTML which I do NOT want to do. If I import the notes as markdown the formatting from Evernote disappears. What am I missing? What is the best way to import EN while keeping the formatting AND being able to edit the notes on PC and Android without using HTML??? Thank you.

Have you tried to export from EN and import into Joplin as ENEX?

Try Importing the ENEX file as Markdown instead of HTML. Then you can use the Markdown editor without having to edit html directly.

Markdown is much more limited than HTML, so unfortunately the answer is that you will lose a lot of HTML-only formatting if you import the notes as Markdown. If you want to keep the formatting untouched, then you do need to keep those notes formatted as HTML and deal with it while editing as well. In other words, the answer to the specific question of yours is that what you want is impossible, unfortunately.

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Yes all the EN exports seem to default to enex

Yeah that's what I did but then I lose all the formatting

Ugh, was afraid of that. So then I added the color plug in but that's not working for me to edit new font with new colors?

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