Templates - how to use?

I got the instructions to create Templates (.md files).
I created them.

So now, how do I:

  1. Start with a Template and create a Note based off of it?
  2. Insert a Template within an existing Note (like a “snippet”)?

I can’t figure out how to do these… this is on Windows.

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Initially if you select File>Templates you may only be presented with a couple of options such as:

Open template directory
Refresh templates

Create your template in Joplin and then save the Markdown as a file to:


If the folder does not exist create it. I cannot recall but possibly selecting the "Open template directory" option before you have any templates will create it for you.

After saving your first template to the template folder you may have to quit and restart Joplin. Otherwise using "Refresh Templates" should show any new templates you have added.

Thereafter File>Templates will have options such as:

Create note from template
Create to-do from template
Insert template
Open template directory
Refresh templates

The first three will open a dialog that lets you select the template you want.

The "Create" options will use the selected template to create an entire new note based on that template.
The "Insert" option will insert the selected template into a note you have open, at the current cursor location in the editor. A "snippet".

Remember, if you have lots of templates either keep a copy in a notebook in Joplin or back them up. Because if you ever have to re-install Joplin and delete the c:\Users\<user>\.config\joplin-desktop\ folder the templates will go as well if you have not moved them out first!


This thread is still occasionally linked to from other posts. This thread is discussing the original template implementation in Joplin.

Joplin version 2.2.5 and above have had this template feature removed and the functionality has been replaced by a template plugin. To install the template plugin, open Joplin, go to Tools > Options > Plugins and search for Templates

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You could also have a read of this:


Awesome - thank you for this explanation.
For me, it was a matter of just having to quit and restarting Joplin :slight_smile:

Yes the folder is created (or at least it was already there for me); For me, it just showed the Folder contents - so I was confused - until I restarted Joplin, and then it gave me those new Menu items :slight_smile:

And yes I understand the need to backup the directory - makes sense (although I hope in the future the Templates folder can also be synced)

Thanks for your help!


Question, does these also sync? I haven't tried them yet since I actually didn't know about them. :smiley: So I'm just curios.

No. Templates are local. You can however sync the folders manually with your cloud. Also, templates are not supported on mobile at this point. I’m not sure if there are plans to change this in the future.


I tried to follow the instructions here. They work on my Mac, but not on my Windows PC. For some reason on my Windows PC my File -> Templates menu still shows no options beyond “Open template directory” and “Refresh templates”. I’ve tried using the refresh option and closing/reopening Joplin but it still doesn’t work.

In my .config\joplin-desktop\templates folder I have files:
meeting minutes.md

Any suggestions why the templates functionality isn’t working on my Windows Joplin (1.0.167) install? What could I try changing?

Thanks, Matt


This is bizarre. I had to reboot my PC and all of a sudden the Joplin template functionality is now working. I did not change any of the configuration since yesterday. It seems a little odd that restarting Joplin was insufficient for it to recognise templates had been installed, but a full PC restart was.

Is there any rational reason for why this might have been necessary to enable the templates?

Thanks, Matt

May be the application was running in background . I had to check in the status bar of my OS to close joplin completly.

This is almost certainly the correct answer. Many people on windows have this issue.

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On my site is was the same. There where 4 sessions of Joplin in the task list.
Seems that closing the joplin window does not close the app in total.
But using quit in the file menu seems to do.

After closing all sessions, I was able to use the templates as well

Dear Windows users,

Closing a window does not mean exiting the app. Especially when there is a status bar (tray) icon that represents the main process.
The status bar and its icons are those in the area where the operating system tells you that it is safe to remove a USB drive or an external disk. Or where your virus scanner status icon lives. Joplin can’t be the only app that resides there.

Maybe we should add an entry to the FAQ, because it’s apparently a hard concept to grasp for people who use Windows. This is not meant to be condescending, but something I have noticed by reading dozens of such posts in this forum.

I really would like to get some input on how we can improve the documentation. I’m not trying to be difficult. I just do not know. The last time I saw Windows on one of my computers was when it was still running as a UI for DOS, which I very soon removed again, because it didn’t like DR-DOS too much.

Anyway, please let us know how we can clarify the statement: Joplin must be restarted for changes to take effect. Shall we change it to:
Joplin must be restarted (right-click the tray icon (status item) and click on quit, then start the app again) for changes to take effect.

Instead of using the tray, one can also use the main menu: File > Quit which is in the main application window.

Ok, so we can add that too. But what is the terminology for the tray icon? Do Windows users say “tray icon”? I believe the terms menu item and status icon are used on macOS.
Also, do you have to right-click the tray icon on Windows or does a click suffice?

Here is what I have to far:

How do I restart Joplin on Windows?

If Show tray icon is enabled, closing the Joplin window does not quit the application. To restart the application properly, one of the following has to be done to quit Joplin:

  • click File in the menu and then click Quit
  • (right) click on the tray icon and then click Quit

(Maybe another sentence about verification here by checking the process list. What’s the Windows term? Task manager?)

I think it’s indeed called a tray icon.

Yes you have to right click, as left click just bring the joplin window to front from some quick test.

Yes it’s called Task Manager

Thanks for your reply. How’s the following text for the FAQ?

How do I restart Joplin on Windows?

If Show tray icon is enabled, closing the Joplin window does not quit the application. To restart the application properly, one of the following has to be done to quit Joplin:

  • click File in the menu and then click Quit
  • right-click on the Joplin tray icon and then click Quit

Additionally the Windows Task Manager can be used to verify whether Joplin is still around.

In the tray icon menu, it’s actually called Exit

Otherwise I think the message is ok.

Thanks, I will change Quit to Exit for the tray item and add it to the FAQ.

For info

Microsoft Style Guide

system tray

Don’t use. Use notification area instead.

notification area


Use only to describe the area on the right side of the taskbar where the clock and system notifications appear.

Don’t use the following terms as synonyms for notification area:

  • system tray
  • systray
  • status area

Don’t use the word area by itself to refer to the notification area. Avoid descriptions that might imply there’s more than one notification area.

The clock appears in the notification area, at the far right of the taskbar.
The notification area is located at the far right of the taskbar.

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Thanks @dpoulton, but I’ve already updated the FAQ. But you can create a PR to change the wording, if you want.