Templates Plugin Released! 🚀

Hey everyone,

The wait is finally over. I've released the first ready-to-use version of templates plugin. For those who don't know what is templates plugin can take a look at this post.

Steps to install the plugin

  • Update to the latest pre-release of the desktop application i.e. 2.2.5.
  • Go to Tools > Options > Plugins
  • Search for Templates
  • Click Install plugin
  • Restart Joplin to enable the plugin

Importing templates from a previous version of Joplin

If you used templates in a version of Joplin that had this feature in the main application itself. Your templates will automatically be imported and saved in a new notebook titled Imported Templates - dd/mm/yyyy .

Your existing templates, after they're imported will still be present in the templates directory but will be renamed from .md to .md.old . You can safely delete these old templates once you verify that they've been imported correctly in Joplin.

Features and usage

For complete list of features and usage instructions please refer to the official documentation of the plugin.


We'd love to know your feedback on the plugin. For any issues/feature-requests you can make a post on this topic or create an issue in the GitHub repo.

PS: If you like the plugin, make sure to shoot a :star: at the repository.


I've released v1.1.0 of the plugin.

Notable changes


  • add keyboard shortcuts for createNoteFromTemplate, createTodoFromTemplate (941d2d2), closes #18

Bug Fixes

  • don't create provisional notes/todos while using templates (3399aea)
  • legacy-templates: improve the readme note (#19) (7215777)
  • parser: display error message when template can't be parsed (7dfcdf2), closes #15

UPDATE - There was a minor issue with versioning of the plugin. The latest version now is v1.1.1.

Release 1.1.2

Bug Fixes

  • display sorted templates in the selector (3f9a35c), closes #24
  • template-variables: log the necessary info if variables form is unable to load (74d1124)