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Website Joplin with Models, Plugins for Repository

Hi, Joplin users!

I like Joplin and, as a community member, I request the community's attention for this feature. This feature is not intended to can solve a specific issue in the Joplin community. However, on the other hand, it can solve some specific and punctual problems of mine and some friends of the Joplin community: productivity, adoption of joplin in practical life as a definitive alternative to Evernote.

Before requesting this feature to the Joplin community. I would like to consider some facts:

  1. Most users who use joplin may not be developers. I ask about this, to find out if we are creating a tool more for developers than for end users. Are we making a versatile, productive tool to use for our users? When I ask about this, I don't want to criticize the joplin tool. On the contrary, I like the tool and want it to continue to be amazing and improve for many years to come!
  2. Also, most of the note templates I need in Joplin to do some things are on Github.
  3. Templates hosted on Github or outside of Github are not an issue.
  4. Joplin community users can should an option instead of searching multiple sites and templates on Github, going single site and find multiple templates there.



With the official website of the Joplin community templates repository, the community itself it could charge a fair value for these custom note templates or even leave them free and facilitate the creation of new note templates



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