Is it possible to create a note from a template?

Hey fellow users.

I have been living inside of Joplin for the last year. What an amazing app, big thanks to the devs.
This is a feature request, so I will cut to the chase.

Recently, I have noticed I am using similar types of notes on a regular basis: notes with certain tables, or certain checkbox lists, or bullet lists etc. If you have used Joplin for journalling, either for work or personally you know what I mean.

At present, I simply have to copy contents of one note (or duplicate it) to a new one, delete old information and only then I can start working.

While this is not greatly difficult, I am curious if there is an option for something like a template note? So basically the ability to mark some notes as templates, and a button to create new note from template which will allow me to choose from a list of available "template notes".

With this feature, I could mark a note with a large table as template. Then to generate a new table every day, I can simply click this button to create a new note containing an empty table. This way I don't have to delete old information manually, thus simplifying my (and hopefully for many of you too) workflow heavily.

If this is already a core feature or provided by a plugin, please direct on how to use it.

Have you tried the "templates" plugin ?

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Aha, just what I wanted! Thanks.