Periodically resetting TODOs

Add a way to tag a TODO with a time period to automatically reset its checked state and maybe even alarm after completion.
E.G. a todo list of period maintenance tasks that resets every week such as do the laundry, check the budget, etc.

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This would be an amazing feature but i wonder how hard it would be to implement Calendar app linking. Also, Joplin just got accepted to GSoC, so for the next few weeks, much of the focus here is going to be on just that.

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It also looks like this has already been requested. Please read and add your thoughts there.

This is not exactly the same. They want ical style/import/export of tasks. I want to re-check the checkbox on a weekly basis. I guess its a far stretch to say that doing what I listed is somehow allowing for repeating calendar events, but I don’t think so. In particular you can entirely meet that request without at all meeting mine, so it is indeed a separate feature.

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I agree that it’s not the exact same. It is similar enough that the mods may ask you to move to any of the currently open ones anyway since they’re cracking down on duplicate requests due to the high volume that have been coming in and how limited the resources available to handle all of them are.