I made a simple Google Calendar sync service for Joplin

Forgive me if something similar has already been discussed but I've built a small service that keeps my Google Calendar in sync with Joplin using AWS S3 (can be adapted to any storage service that offers a file/object based API though).

Basically it polls Calendar for upcoming events and whenever a new event, in the specified calendar, is due it creates a task in Joplin, in the specified notebook. This obviously requires an external VPS, Heroku or Lambda but it's, IMHO, a straightforward approach to calendar sync and periodic tasks, which are some of the most requested features. I had tried implementing a similar solution using Zapier but failed miserably because of its limitations.

Here is the public repo: GitHub - chpmrc/joplin-calendar-sync - I hope something similar ends up in Joplin server but for now this has been working quite well for me, hope it can help someone else too. Cheers!