I made a simple Google Calendar sync service for Joplin

Forgive me if something similar has already been discussed but I've built a small service that keeps my Google Calendar in sync with Joplin using AWS S3 (can be adapted to any storage service that offers a file/object based API though).

Basically it polls Calendar for upcoming events and whenever a new event, in the specified calendar, is due it creates a task in Joplin, in the specified notebook. This obviously requires an external VPS, Heroku or Lambda but it's, IMHO, a straightforward approach to calendar sync and periodic tasks, which are some of the most requested features. I had tried implementing a similar solution using Zapier but failed miserably because of its limitations.

Here is the public repo: GitHub - chpmrc/joplin-calendar-sync - I hope something similar ends up in Joplin server but for now this has been working quite well for me, hope it can help someone else too. Cheers!


This would suit me down to the ground if it could work from the client end syncing with OneDrive or any other target that Joplin supports. However, I am not technically competent, and in an ideal world installing a plugin that does it all for me would also suit the large number of technically compromised users out there.

Any chance that someone competent in the community would take up the challenge and have pity on us dumbasses?

Very welcome indeed - as it could relieve some of the problems concerning reminders described in this thread:

thanks for this, and just when i was starting to wonder if paying for a VPS was still worth while !