Tag search not working correctly

The search for tags as documented here https://github.com/laurent22/joplin#searching is not working:

If I just put “tag:my_tag” (without the quotes) I sometimes get no results, sometimes only get a sub-set of the notebooks with the tag and sometimes get notebooks returned that don’t have the tag (depending what tag I choose)!

If I put “search_term tag:my_tag”, I always get results with my search_term but again the tag is not being correctly filtered.

I can’t make out any pattern between search term and tag filter vs search results or I would add that. It just seems random!

As an aside, the value of my_tag is also being highlighted within the note selected - I wouldn’t really expect the value of the tag being highlighted (it’s a filter to select only some of the notebooks with the search term).

I am using Version 1.0.233, Windows 7

I can’t replicate this, although I don’t have as many tag. Would you be able to narrow it down and maybe create a JEX file with just the notes/tags that have this problem?

@naviji, any idea what can be the issue?

I’ve used --profile to create a second database, imported my main one and cut it down to 8 notebooks giving me a JEX file just over 1MB. I’ve also taken three screenshots of faulty search results and what I have for one tag. Where can I make these available to you?

Could you upload them here? Or PM to me and @naviji

The new filters will only be available from version 1.0.234. You are using v1.0.233.

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Right, I should have checked that.

Thanks - probably explains why it's not working :slight_smile:
Looks like the guidance got ahead of the release... Joplin tells me it is up to date so I'll have to wait for the next release to arrive.

Is it possible that the combined search of two tags is only possible with tags that do not have spaces?

The following is not working:
tag:t1 tag:t 2

But this is working:
tag:t1 tag:t2

You must put quotes if there are spaces.

tag:t1 tag:“t 2”

Unfortunately this is not working for me.
I have Joplin 1.0.242

You’re right. I’ll fix it.