Labels that don't work


I am using Joplin 2.6.10 Desktop

I'm on Linux Mint 20

tags not working?

When I create a label, it appears fine in the list of labels

When I search for the tag in the joplin search field does not find it?

I tried to uninstall joplin on another computer and I have the same problem

Thanks for your help

Did you use the filter tag:yourlabel in the searchbox?

Hello Jack and thank you for your response.
The problem is that even after creating a label such as a first name for example, it does not find the note?

I currently use Evernot and I don't need to use a filter it finds my tags automatically.

The search don't include tags/labels automatically, you have to use the filter tag:firstname.

Alternatively you can use goto anything (ctrl + p) and use #tagname

Thank you both for your response. Can you tell me how to activate the tag:firstname filter?

Thank you

Just type it into the search:


Thank you Daeraxa for your answer:

When I type in the search field that you indicated to me the word Austin mini for example all the notes which contain the word Austin mini appear in the list.

When I type in the field a word that only exists in a label but not in a note, the word does not appear?

it's really with the labels that I have problems with the keywords contained in the notes there are no problems

To search the tag or label labelA type in the search box tag:labela

or what do you mean with label?

If you have a tag called austin mini then your search for notes with those tags would be tag:"austin mini" from the search box.

I was going to suggest what you would need to type into goto anything (which logically would be either #austin mini or #"austin mini") but the goto anything box doesn't seem to care for spaces in the tags. There might be syntax here I'm not aware of or it might be a tiny bug/oversight

Hello everyone and thank you for your patience and attention.

Thanks to you I can finally use the labels!

However, I find it very unfortunate that we have to type the tages or # to carry out a search.

This still makes research more complicated than on competing software such as Evernot or On note

it's a shame for people who have computer difficulties it still makes things more complicated

Thank you

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