"Search all notes" doesnt return notes with tags

Joplin 2.8.8 (prod, darwin)
OS: macOS10.15, iOS 15.5

Hey to the Forum

I still quite new to Joplin, migrated from Evernote about a month ago. Last night, I encountered a behaviour where I'm not sure it is supposed to work like that:

If I search for something using the "Search all notes" option, Jopin does not return notes that have the keyword only as a tag.

However, If I'm using the same method with "tag:exampletag", it finds the note.

Quick question: is this really supposed to work like that? I could understand if the search-mode "tag:..." ONLY returns notes where the tag is applied, but it seems counter-intuitive to me that a general search should not return tag-based results.

Thanks for any help/advice/clearification in advance

All the best


This is normal, it looks at the title and body but not tags or notebook which you have to specify.

You can use goto anything (cmd + p) as well but to search tags you have to use a hash e.g. #tagname but it will only go to the tag itself which ends up being pretty much the same as tag:tagname in the regular search.

There are a good number of tag related plugins that extend functionality that you may wish to look at, specifically those that create joplin tags from keywords in the body of the note (which would partially resolve your searching issues).

Hi Daeraxa

Thanks for your quick reply and my appologies for the later reply, must to much going on right now.

regarding plugins: what you wrote would most definitely solve my issue. You seem to have had something detailed in mind when you wrote this posting. Thwere fore a quick follow-up question: do you have the name of a suitable plugin at hand?

All the best and thanks again


I don't really use them myself but the ones I'm thinking of are things like Auto Tag or Tags Generator. If you just type tag in the plugin search you can find all tag related plugins and just have a look around to see if any might help.

Thanks a lot!!!

I'll take a look and will give some feedback.

alrighty, finally managed to take a look: as far as I can see the plugins work the other way around: they take key words from within the notes and convert them into tags. But your thoughts brought an idea to me: whenever i wont find a note with the normal search but with the tag-search instead, i simply add the missing keywords to the bottom of the note. So, over time i will achieve eactly what i want to. And for new notes i can use this approach from the very beginning.

Problem solved, thanks for the idea!!!

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