How to search for tags?

I m trying to figure out how to search for tags.

I tried with “tag:my_tag” and also “tags:my_tag” in the search field, however no result on either version.
Other search terms (like “title:”) work fine. However, everytime I try to add a tag to the search it comes up empty.

Thank you in advance.

When you click Search, there is a link to “Usage” detailing how to use the search function.

There have been some discussions about the things you’ve tried, but AFAIK none of them are implemented yet.

If you want to go to a tag, you can use the Go to dialog (win + g on Windows) and enter #tagName, though I don’t think you’ll be able to search for more than one.

Thank you for the clarification.
I was aware of the search “documentation” (as it is quite prominently featured next to the search button).

However, I did not want to believe that the search does not support tags and several user commments also seemed to indicate that it works.
I m not really sure, why tags have then been implemented in the first place.
The only reason tags are used is to narrow down the search to a combination of certain tags.

Just having a “tags” list in the side bar is rather useless, as its basically the same as just typing that term in the search window (apart from maybe having consistency in the search terms / tags).

I was mainly considering a switch from OneNote due to its lacking tag support. However it seems like, I should still wait a bit longer until the feature has been properly implented.

Also just an idea:
Add the ability to save tag combinations in the “tags” section. This way you could build something like a “virtual” notebook.
For example: a tag combination of “2019” “windows” “hotfix” could find (in a software documentation) all hotfixes that were released for windows products in 2019 and it would basically be its own “2019 windows hotfixes” notebook.

Many of us use the tags quite gladly. :wink: But yes, everyone agrees we need more nuanced search capabilities.
The thing is, ideas are a dime a dozen. People who have the time and the skills to actually implement them for free, in their spare time, not so much. That's why there are tags but no search - yet. One day, hopefully... :slight_smile: