⌨️ System wide shortcuts for creating quick new notes


Jops creates quick notes without the need to focus on Joplin window. Helps to streamline note-taking process and avoid disruption of your workflow.

Main features

  • :jop initiate the plugin: authorization of the plugin + setting up default notebook via external link
  • :mn make new note
  • :mt make new todo
  • :ct creating new todo from clipboard

How to install

  1. Install espanso
  2. in terminal run espanso install jops
  3. Enable Joplin's Web Clipper service
  4. Type:jop anywhere (not only in text fields) and press Grant authorization in Joplin. Optionally you can provide external link of the notebook of choice where your quick notes will land.


  1. Make sure Joplin and espanso are running
  2. Type :mn to create the first quick note

Other considerations

  • It doesn't work if Joplin isn't running, hence you should start it beforehand
  • Due to the fact the shortcut written in bash, for now it's supported only on Linux and macOS but can be easily ported to WSL2 for Windows. If you want to port it to native Windows powershell and need help, drop me a line

External links

Espanso - A Privacy-first, Cross-platform Text Expander
jops github repo
Joplin Shortcut | Espanso Hub


Interesting, I didn't know Espanso existed. Its strong point is its cross-platform support.
On Windows, I use AutoHotkey for years to do this kind of stuff. But its odd language gets some time to be mastered (although for simple tasks like this, it isn't that hard).
Thanks for sharing.

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