Adding quick note like in OneNote?

One of the reasons i loved OneNote was because all it took was clicking Win + N to open a blank window where i could quickly write a note and close it because it auto-saved it and added it to Quick Notes in my OneNote notes. I am sure it would be a great feature if Joplin could do the same thing.

So what do you think?


I would like to give this a little bump…

When you are working on something and you want to make a quick interruption to take a quick note, the friction in starting Joplin, opening a new note, typing and closing is unsustainable.

I am not sure if the developers are aware of how this will benefit Joplin and its users, including themselves!

I’m thinking of saving these notes as MD files in some folder and have Joplin scan it every time it launches, importing the files in some inbox notebook before deleting them. Any suggestions on implementing this? A plugin?

Do you know that can let Joplin run in a system tray? That way it opens right away. Still not what you need, but better than having to wait for it to start every time.

Someone has created an app that scans a directory and uploads the files in there to joplin. Could be useful for you

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no unneccessary unsustainable friction needed (duplicate) :
'windows + n' immediately opens joplin (if run in taskbar) and creates a new note:


I’ve been using nvalt for a while and I find that it has the least friction in its workflow. I hope there’ll be a way to use Joplin in the same way sometime in the future.

Two things currently missing are the automatic focus on the search when switching back to the app, autocomplete suggestions in the search box itself and auto-creation of a new note when no note is found.