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Joplin 2.8.8 on Windows 10

I have a habit of using Notepad for quick jotting notes (eg, on a phone call, or just a short-term list of things), because it's so easy to Win+R -> "notepad" -> enter. But then I end up with a large number of untitled and unsaved notepad instances open over the course of a day, some of which I do actually want to save in the end.

Is there a quick way to get into a new Joplin note, preferably from a shortcut I can add to my taskbar or Start menu? Ideally it would launch Joplin (or even just a small note-only window), and save whatever I typed as a new note in an uncategorized category, which I can address later. This could replace my use of Notepad, but I need it to be quick. If I have to open Joplin, navigate to a notebook, and click to start a new note, it'll never overcome the Notepad muscle memory.

I could see maybe putting together a shell script to do this with the terminal application, but wanted to see if something like it exists first.

Hey there,

A while ago I've made a crossplatform plugin for espanso that allows creating new notes via shortcuts

Main features

  • :jop initiate the plugin: authorization of the plugin + setting up default notebook via ID
  • :mn make new note
  • :mt make new todo
  • [linux only] :ct creating new todo from clipboard

How to install

  1. Install espanso
    1.1 on windows: WSL2 + linux installed
  2. paste package.yml into ~/.config/espanso/match/packages/
  3. Enable Joplin's Web Clipper service


  1. Make sure Joplin and espanso is running
  2. Do one time authorization by typing :jop anywhere (not only in text fields)
  3. Type :mn to create the first quick note

For Windows*

For Linux

Other considerations

It doesn't work if Joplin isn't running, hence you should start it beforehand

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