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This is probably a basic question but I cant seem to find the answer or a step by step guide. I'm a newbie, hope you can help! I'm struggling to get my Joplin notebook to sync across 2x computers.

I've Joplin installed on 2x Macs, I've imported my Evernote on my desktop and it is working great. I opted for Synchronisation by Dropbox. It's filled my Dropbox > App > Joplin folder with 12.5K files, all uploaded to the cloud, all good.

When I go to set up Joplin on my laptop, and authorise dropbox and hit sync, nothing seems to download. I'm using the same dropbox account across both computers, those 12k files are on both machines, but the notebook doesnt appear on my 2nd computer. I tried "delete local data and re-download from sync target" but no luck.

Thanks in advance :pray:


Hmm, I use Dropbox also as my sync target. I have Joplin installed on my primary Windows system, several Linux installations, and my Android phone. All are syncing without issue. I did this setup quite some time ago, so I don't really remember taking any specific steps. Looking now at the Joplin Synchronization page for Options, there's really not that much to configure. I have the same settings on the Windows box and Linux VM:

Synchronization target: Dropbox
Synchronization interval: 5 minutes
Attachment download behavior: Always
Max concurrent connections: 5
Proxy enabled (unchecked)
Fail-safe (checked)

When you say "those 12k files are on both machines", did you manually put them on the laptop, or did you allow sync to do that? I'm just trying to imagine why your notes are not showing up on the laptop.

I just remembered one small mistake I made when setting this up. In Joplin Options, check the Encryption page. How many Encryption keys do you have? I ended up with two when I didn't set it up properly on my cell phone. I got it working by making the latest key inactive, so only the earliest key is active.

If I can provide any other info, let me know.

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