Problems to sync with Dropbox

Hi. I'm new to Joplin. I have downloaded both the desktop app and the Android app. I'm trying to sync with my dropbox account. In fact, I am able to see Joplin as one of my linked apps. However, I cannot sync it with my cellphone. I have created some notebooks in my cellphone and nothing happens. Likewise, I created a notebook with the PC and I cannot see it on my phone. Can you guys shed some light on this issue. I like Joplin but I need to share my info with my PC and other gear. Thanks.

@JJMendozaG, Have you set up Dropbox as the target in Configuration > Synchronization on your cell phone side?

Good afternoon. Yes, I've tried to set Dropbox as the target but It does not aknowledge my request. As soon as I left settings and click on synchronize, the app leads again to settings where again None appears as a target.
Thanks again.

Are you actually pressing the save button? When you change any settings you have to actually apply them before leaving the menu. A big floppy disk icon should light up for you to press.

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Holly cow. I hadn't seen such a Save Icon. Thanks a lot. I have to get new eyeglasses!


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