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Hi, I'm new to Joplin. I'm hoping to use Joplin as a replacement for Evernote, so I've started importing some of my Evernote notebooks. In one profile, I have about 1000 files. I've set up synchronization with my Dropbox, and did an initial sync (this took several hours). I have not added any files or changed anything, but I've opened the profile this morning, and it looks like it's in the process of doing a full synchronization again. Is that normal????
Thanks in advance for any help.

It shouldn't be. Could you post a screenshot of the sidebar why it's synchronising?

Ah... thank you...it's now finished synchronizing... it didn't take as long as the initial synchronization, but I reckon it was at least 30-40 minutes. I'll open the profile again next time I switch my computer off, and I'll take a screenshot, if it's still happening. In the meantime, I'm importing some files in a different profile, and I'll keep an eye on that too.
But good to know that's not expected behaviour.

I think I know what happened, and it's actually another problem (I think?). What I believe happened was that it was synchronizing the notes in another notebook under a different profile.

To try and get my head around what was happening, here's what I did.

In a brand new instance of Joplin, I created a new profile [call it P1], imported an Evernote notebook and set up a synchronization with Dropbox.

After the synchronization was completed, I created another profile [call it P2], and, again, imported an Evernote notebook and set up a synchronization with Dropbox. I expected the profiles to be self-contained, and I was surprised to see that the notebook I imported in P1 was visible.

So I created a third notebook [call it P3], imported something else, and set up synchronization. Now I can see the notebooks from P1, P2 and P3.

Just to make sure, I set up a P4, and all the notebooks in the previous profiles have appeared, and it was synching everything until I cancelled the synch.

(As far as I can tell, if I don't set up synchronization, then the profiles are fully independent.)

So, is this expected behaviour, seeing notebooks under all the profiles previously created? Is this a Dropbox issue?

How do I get fully independent profiles?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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The only way will be to use a different Dropbox account for each profile.

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Thanks. Good to know.

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