Different Results with Dropbox Sync


I'm still new to Joplin. I have it installed on my Ubuntu Desktop and everything looks good. It's setup to Sync with Dropbox. When I install it on my Android Phone, and mirror the same sync settings, I'm not seeing any notebooks. However, if I select "All Notes", I see a bunch of my notes. I have a lot of notes, and wondering if I should just keep clicking synchronize? Maybe it's timing out?

Any ideas?

Maybe same issue as described here:

I'm not experiencing this issue on Android 10, Joplin 1.7.5

Eventually, everything ended up synchronizing to my Android Phone. Maybe my notes and notebooks are too large, but I think Joplin was timing out. To get everything to sync, I had to keep the screen on, with Joplin active and just wait for all the data to sync. So everything is working.

I'm wondering if Joplin needs additional settings in Android, so it will run in the background?

I encrypted my notes (on Linux desktop) and then had the Android phone update. The phone would not finish, it kept timing out. It seemed like the "synchronization interval" on the phone would kick in and stop what the phone was doing. I disabled that setting and the phone finished what it had to do.

I've turned "synchronization interval" back on and everything has been fine. I think that if the phone app needs time to do a job longer than the "synchronization interval" then it is best to temporarily disable that.

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No, Joplin dosen't run in the background. When you have a lot of data Joplin must stay joplin must remain open and the device must not switch to sleep mode otherwise the sync is not finished.

Meaning you cannot switch to another app during sync?

Only short. But for me this was only a problem during the initial sync. After that it was never a problem.

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