Syncing Filesystem Folders stopped working

The below setup scenario was working fine for some time but unfortunately now it stopped working.

Here is a brief description :

I was using filesystem (a local folder) to store my Joplin notes , then this folder was syncing with Google drive using Insync...

Then in my Android Smartphone I was using DriveSync to download the google drive folder to a filesystem folder.

From there I was using Joplin Android filesystem to sync my notes.

This setup was working fine until the latest updates and now I am getting this error...

Completed: 26/09/20 06:37
Last error: Error: Error: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, scandir '/mnt/wolfnas1/GDRIVE/jop/locks'. Path: /mnt/wolfnas1/GDRIVE/jop/locks

Any tips will be much appreciated

Same issue here on Android. Error message is Last error: Error: Error: Could not read directory: /storage/emulated/0/Notes/locks: Attempt to get length of null array.

Trying to get the full logs off the phone, but debug log export writes it in a location that I can't access.

Same as reported here: "Error: Could not read directory" on android 10

Workaround is to create locks directory manually.

Hmmm, it appears the directory already exists though.